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Only You Can Prevent Security Breaches (12NTCitsec)

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You know that the biggest threat to your organization's IT system security doesn't come from outside your organization; it comes from the people within. But do the staff, volunteers, and other people who use your IT systems know that they have a vital role to play in securing your organization's systems? Join us in this session to talk about why IT security matters, the easy actions your staff can take to prevent security breaches, and how to talk with your staff about their role in securing the data your organization has been entrusted with.

Session Takeaways

1. Understanding of the important role system users play in system security.
2. Example policies to encourage secure practices.
3. Resources for further education and support.

Session Details:
Track: IT Staff
Date & Time: Apr 04, 2012 @ 1:30 PM
Level: Novice
Type: Strategic
Room: Powell

Session Speakers:
Kate Bladow
Powered Pursuits
Kate Bladow is the Founder and Principal Strategist at Powered Pursuits. She works with nonprofit organizations to expand their reach through technology. Kate specializes in using technology to build relationships, making complex ideas and processes easier to understand, and exploring how organizations can get more from the technology they already have.
Peter S Campbell
Legal Services Corporation
Peter Campbell is a nonprofit technology professional, currently serving as Chief Information Officer at Legal Services Corporation, an independent nonprofit that promotes equal access to justice and provides grants to legal aid programs throughout the United States. Peter blogs and speaks regularly about technology tools and strategies that support the nonprofit community.

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