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Web 2.0 Philanthropy: Crowdsourcing through the Kiva Developer Program

So now you have a hip, beautiful, and compelling web site for your cause; how do you organize other developers to help you build on that and reach even more audiences? Good software development is hard and volunteered code can often be a nightmare for your organization to handle. What if you could have people build on your work without you even knowing about it?!

In January 2009, Kiva launched a developer program to accomplish just this, building on successes with non-tech volunteer programs in content translation, acquisition, and overseas partner relations. We’ll explore crowdsourcing development though a look at Kiva’s program and we’ll be sharing what we’ve learned so far though mistakes and surprises.


1. How to use a well-formed public API to coordinate outside development.
2. The importance and approach to cultivating your community.
3. Incentivizing developers when financial profit isn’t an option.



Session Details:
Track: Program
Date & Time: Apr 28, 2009 @ 10:30 AM
Room: Union Square 21

Session Speakers:
Skylar Woodward
Skylar has been with Kiva since the beginning - both formally as a technical advisor and persistently as a friend. After serving in this capacity for a few years while working at Yahoo!, Skylar joined Kiva officially in the fall of 2008 to start up the Kiva Developer initiatives. Drawing on experience from creating and leading multiple platform efforts at Yahoo! over the course of 6 and a half years, and as an advocate for open source, sensible standards, and beautiful APIs at previous startups and firms, he is responsible for opening up the whole of Kiva beyond the website to wherever the development community thinks microfinance relevant. Skylar holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Duke University.

*Sessions, session content, schedule and speakers are subject to change at any time before the conference.