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Extreme Analytics (12NTCanalytics)

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You've installed Google Analytics, set up some goals, and every month you log in to look at your data. Great, but now what? We'll venture boldly into the Analytics Jungle, exploring little-known features and techniques to get the practical knowledge you really need about your website. It's easy to get lost in a jungle of data, so we'll cover how to plan your trip towards analytics success, how to navigate the jungle, and the best ways to explore your data.

On our journey, we'll tour some amazing new features from the recently released "new version", and spot ways to help Google Analytics give you more detailed data about how users behave on your site. Through it all, we'll keep one eye on our goal: using analytics data to get meaningful, actionable insights about your online presence.

Session Takeaways

1. Learn how to use advanced features within Google Analytics
2. Learn what aspects of your site are important to track (and the best ways to track them)
3. Understand how to effectively interpret custom analytics data

Session Details:
Track: Communications
Date & Time: Apr 04, 2012 @ 3:30 PM
Level: Journey-Level
Type: Technical
Room: Imperial Ballroom A

Session Speakers:
Jo Miles
Food & Water Watch
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