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Amazon Payments™ solutions for Nonprofits - Unlock millions of potential donors for your cause

Since 2001, customers have donated over $35 million to global relief programs. Learn how Amazon Payments solutions can unlock this donor potential of customers for your nonprofit’s online fundraising activities. We will examine how nonprofits like American Red Cross and One Laptop per Child enable online donations with Amazon Payments. You will also learn how Amazon Payments enables inventive fundraising models like (RED)WIRE™. (RED)WIRE from join(RED), a digital music magazine donates half of the monthly membership fee to buy medicine to fight AIDS. We will demonstrate how (RED)WIRE built an innovative experience to incorporate fundraising with Amazon Payments.

If you are a nonprofit or nonprofit software and solutions providers, join us to learn how to accelerate your online fundraising campaigns and attract millions of potential donors with Amazon Payments.

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Session Details:
Track: Product Spotlight
Date & Time: Apr 27, 2009 @ 3:30 PM
Room: Union Square 22

Session Speakers:
Baris Cetinok
Amazon Web Services
no speaker details available

*Sessions, session content, schedule and speakers are subject to change at any time before the conference.