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Will Kiva Kill Your Nonprofit? Donations 2.0 - [156]

Connecting donors directly to the beneficiaries of contributions is a game-changing fundraising strategy. Will traditional nonprofits need to adopt new technologies and fundraising models as donors demand greater accountability for their funds? A group of panelists started the exploration of this question at SxSW. For NTC, we’ll be replaying what they shared and a new group of participants will build on, deconstruct and perhaps even debunk as this important conversation continues.


1. Is Donations 2.0 a true paradigm shift, or just cool marketing packaging?
2. What have the organization’s who’ve tried it learned?
3. What organizations can it work for? Why can’t it work for all?

Session Details:
Track: Fundraising
Date & Time: Apr 10, 2010 @ 10:30 AM
Level: Apprentice
Type: Strategic
Room: International Ballroom E

Session Speakers:
Michael Cervino
Michael is a principal consultant and co-founder of Beaconfire Consulting ( an Arlington, Va.-based consulting firm that helps nonprofits build Web sites and online marketing programs. For nearly two decades Michael has helped commercial and nonprofit organizations create effective and results-driven advocacy, fundraising, and marketing communications. Michael is a seasoned advisor who has worked side-by-side with nonprofit organizations like the ACLU, Heifer International, NPCA, to guide their use of technology for communications, marketing, constituent data management, fundraising and organizational development.
Clinton O'Brien
Engaging Networks
Clint O’Brien is Chief Operating Officer of software company Engaging Networks ( Many top nonprofits -- including Amnesty International USA, Human Rights Watch, Pew Charitable Trusts, PETA International, Humane Society International and 30 separate Greenpeace country organizations globally -- all use the flexible Engaging Networks online platform to raise money, win advocacy campaigns and engage with supporters in smart, highly targeted ways. Previously, O’Brien spent nine years leading marketing and sales for Care2, the 27 million-member online community that helps nonprofits recruit new donors and supporters. O'Brien earlier headed business development for nonprofit TV network PBS, where he also led the PBS Adult Learning Service, supplying online courses to colleges nationwide. In a former career, O’Brien worked as a news reporter, first in Washington, DC and later as Moscow correspondent for AP and Newsweek, covering the breakup of the Soviet Union from 1991-93. A graduate of Brown University and the Wharton School of Business, he lives near Washington, DC. and can be reached at
Milo Sybrant
International Rescue Committee
Milo is the Managing Director of Engagement Media for Amnesty International USA, a Nobel Prize-winning human rights organization with 3 million members, supporters and subscribers in over 150 countries and territories in every region of the world. He heads the organization’s efforts to mobilize human rights activists through email, social networks, blogs, search engines and elsewhere. Before coming to Amnesty, Milo was a Marketing Consultant for Beaconfire Consulting, where he worked with nonprofits like Heifer International, the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Lung Association and Half the Sky. He managed initiatives for clients such as online email campaign deployment and optimization; media buying; blogger relations; social network marketing; video production; eCRM evaluation and implementation; and planning, launching and promoting campaign Web sites. Milo received a bachelor’s degree with honors in global studies and anthropology from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in public communications from American University. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in public affairs at NYU.
Reuben Thiessen
Opportunity International
Reuben Thiessen is the Product Manager and Chief Architect for OptINnow. A six-year veteran of Opportunity International, Reuben has worked up through the organization to lead the OptINnow project. Before spearheading OptINnow, Reuben lead the teams involved revamping the website through two CRM platform changes. Previously, Reuben worked overseas in Australia and India with Youth with A Mission. Reuben holds a degree in Aviation Operations and a diploma in Computer Programming.
Donna Wilkins
Charity Dynamics, Inc.
Donna led Convio’s Client Services team from their first client to over 300 clients, building an organization that was recognized as a leading service provider to their non-profit client base. Donna has worked with hundreds of non-profits to implement online solutions with the ultimate goal of providing her clients the tools and confidence they need to be successful. With her experience and sharp insights, Donna has honed her ability to recognize and optimize a client’s growth opportunities while avoiding missteps. Donna has worked with hundreds of non-profit clients, including American Cancer Society, National MS Society, The ALS Association, the Brady Campaign, and the Howard Dean Campaign. Donna has 20 years of experience managing technical projects with a track record of delivering on time and on budget. Donna has an MBA from the University of Texas and an engineering degree from the University of Illinois.

*Sessions, session content, schedule and speakers are subject to change at any time before the conference.